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Stop: Do not Make The Same Mistakes Again

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Silver, Gold, Metal, Diamonds we love them all. Remember that feeling when you first see a jewelry piece and right away know that “this is the one”. This is the one piece that will go with your evening dress for the cocktail party you have to attend or the accessory you were looking for to shine as a statement to your office dinner without being too extra. We purchase them and the moment we have our hands at these pieces they are like newborn babies; soft, untouched, clear as sky. Thus the first usage is the best for almost anything in the world especially to your jewelry wardrobe.


Jewelry can become damaged with usage and time so they have to be taken with special care if you want to use them in the long run which we assume all of us do. Unlike the common myths you cannot brush them with toothpaste, put them in a cup of Coca Cola or in a boiling water. These will do more harm than actually not doing anything. Different material requires different cleaning and polishing techniques. We tried to simplify what is need to be done for most common jewelry pieces for our glorious readers.


Most of the Glared jewelry collections are made from gold vermeil and sterling silver. Silver especially can get easily oxidized and loose its glitter but with very easy and quick cleaning methods you can keep both your gold and silver pieces as alluring as the first use.


As the first step, you can use a cleaning solution to dip your jewelry in and let it rest for one to two minutes. There are many instant jewelry cleaners (like this Silver Shine Jewelry Cleaner) or you can simply use dish soaps preferably low in chemicals (like this one).

After leaving your silver jewelry in one of these solutions (no more than two minutes!), the next step is to rinse it with warm water. Be careful not to use boiling water as it might burn your skin but more importantly it might ruin the polishing process. The last step is to use a soft cloth (like this one that we like) and softly pat the jewelry until its dry and glossy.


If you want to spice things up a little bit, you can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (we really like this one from Amazon, it is cheap and works really well). Although effective on metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum you might wanna keep your harder and softer stone jeweleries (like emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, etc) away from the ultrasonic cleaner as it might damage their surfaces.


Using ziplock bags to store your favourite pieces once you are done wearing them is also a very good and cost-effective way to prevent them from being overexposed to the air thus diminishes oxidization marks.



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