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10 Best Practical and Stylish Ways of Storing Your Glared Jewels

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Let’s face it, trying to untangle a jumbled bracelet or necklace might be quite annoying especially if you are in a hurry and you just figured that the jewelry that goes best with your outfit is in no shape of being wearable. Instead of stashing everything into a jewelry box to make the situation even worse, because somehow hoop earrings and necklaces love tangling to each other inside that box, we have plenty other suggestions. Not only these jewelry organizers will help to keep everything from stackable rings to stud earrings neat and organized, but they will add a glamorous and decorative touch to your apartment (and also your life). Here are a few ideas:

After having a look at these jewelry holders, don’t forget to check our rose gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings that would look, oh so beautiful, on those. To give a brief glimpse inside our glorious world, we visited one of our top editors' home to see how she styles her #Glared jewelry and make them look even more polished. Her stylish way of organizing her jewelry inspired us and hopefully you too!

Doesn't the jewelry stand look as pretty as our editor? If you are in love with the Glared jewelry as we are on this minimalistic approach, go into the X Collection to grab the pieces in the picture.

Now let us inspire you with few of our favorites:


This fantastic capsule collection is designed by Maisondada as a flamboyant candle holder, but we think it also makes a great organizer, especially for those precious gold necklaces.

Paris Memphis No.5 Candleholder - Maisondada


This elegant and brilliant Alchemy Jewelry Stand from Anthropologie loks amazing, and is a perfect way to look after all your rings, earrings and necklaces.

Alchemy Jewelry Stand - Anthropologie


How about something more ancient, sculpture looking custom designed by Brandon Holschuh

Brandon Holschuh 


This Tiered catch-all dish stole our hearts with both its cute design and easy use.

Callie catch-all Dish - Urban Outfitters


Marble looks good on everything, don’t you agree?

Harper Marble Jewelry Stand - Pottery Barn


This mini jewelry cabinet (link) will not only look elegant, it will also protect your precious ones from the dust.

Standing Jewelry Cabinet - Anthropologie


Did you know, you can use trays to organize and separate your jewelry from your perfume to candle from each other? It gives a clean look to your room, and it is cost-efficient.



Mirror mirror on the wall, do you mind if I hang these all?

Bethany Triangle Jewelry Storage Mirror - Urban Outfitters


The Bracelet/Necklace Jewelry Tree is another one of our favorites; it is also great for organizing your watches.

West Emory Bracelet/Necklace Jewelry Tree - Bed Bath & Beyond


As our final choice, we want to introduce this dreamy, fountain-like Jewelry Stand into your lives. (You can thank us later)

Laurel Concrete Jewelry Stand - Urban Outfitters

How would you design your Glared jewelry? Let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us your favorites on our social media accounts!


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