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Story Behind Dorothy: the Elephant Necklaces

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For such long times, lions have been accepted as the kings of the jungle. They are indeed a leading character with their flamboyant furs and petrifying roars and let’s face it they are just gorgeous! A controversy arises here because the contemporary literature tells us that lions are the sovereigns of the forest but since the ancient times most Asian and Mediterranean cultures accept elephants as the true, wise and powerful leaders of the wilderness.


The elephant is a token of harmony and strength. As it walks the grasslands of Africa, it spreads an air of power and authority. It is accepted as the monarch by all the animals of the jungle and desert. It is wise and has spectacular memory. The elephants’ skill is the thought, and the mind is his playground.


It is believed that the elephant symbol appears in your life when you need to stand strong but remain compassionate. It will help keep you calm during those rocky roads and shaky grounds on your path. It is no secret that whichever journey you embark on your life, there will be bumps along your way. The logical, reliable and dignified energy of the elephant will help clear the clouds from your sky and make it easier to see the sparkles.


Before coming up with the Dorothy collection, we wanted it to be a collection that represents happiness, longevity and good luck. We looked for sincere but meaningful and elevating symbols and our search lead us to the elephant sign. We too, needed the astute guidance of a spirit animal and when our paths crossed with the elephant it was an enlightening moment.


For us, the Dorothy collection and its representations are empowering, protecting and effective. It charged us through blockages, made us remember the amazing memories that we have long forgotten, and the reasons we have for living. Someway along the path we even found out that some Asian cultures even believe that the elephant is a cosmic creature, and carries the world upon its back. Apart from all its significance, the elephant looks incredibly cute and stylish on the jewelry. Don’t you agree?


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