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Being you should be fun, easy and personal. The Glared is here to splash the brush with a wide range of inexpensive and stylish jewelry for a bit of surprise and fun into your life. We’re here to lay beauties in front of you so that you can breathe life into the designer jewelers. The Glared’s design mission is to make yourself feel beautiful with stylish and effortless silhouettes that celebrate you with all your nakedness. We’re designing what you would want to wear and make you smile right now. Our fine jewelry designs become powerful statements of today's women by reinventing themselves in every individual.


The designs incorporate hints from all around the world inspired by women who feel comfortable in her skin and lives a life of passion. She is always full of surprises and makes every moment of her journey matter. Even her effortlessly chic jewelry tells a story of its own. The jewelry collections of the Glared sheds light on the stories of these women with little shining pieces from their lives. The journey might not always be smooth for her, but the Glared brings a statement jewelry into lives to be a reminder of the magical moments that you believe that you can do anything.

and DREAM...

Not only, the Glared’s goal is to become part of beautiful lives, but bring smiles and happiness to everyone with little surprises. Life becomes what it is with unexpected turns. With that motto, the Glared is the unexpected, yet the inspiration that you seek. The Glared jewelry sets are for every woman to believe in her light and create the story of her dreams. The smallest moments can turn even the most ordinary into beautiful and unforgettable moments.

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