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Rewards Program

Moon points are for every member to earn back on spending and have a rewarding experience on You earn moon points from each transaction, leaving a review, posting on social media, and referring to your friends. The Moon Points can be translated into real currency for future purchases on our website. 1000 Moon Points translate into 10$ and can be redeemed instantly.

Every Transaction

Shop more and earn more! Every dollar gives you 10 moon points! If you purchase a letter necklace (42$), for example, you will earn 420 moon points.

Leave a Review

Leave a review on your favorite jewelry to earn points. Purchased a hoop earring and loved styling it? Great, we’d love to hear more on that! Receive 15 points for every review!

Refer a Friend

Refer your friend, and you will earn 10$ off if they purchase one of our beauties: necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets. They will earn 15% off!

Post on Social Media

We love engaging with you! Post your photos on social media of you wearing your favorite The Glared jewelry. Tag us The Glared, and use our hashtag #beglarious and #theGlared to earn 10 points. Each post needs to be live for at least seven days.

and Earn Birthday Rewards!

Join moon points by creating an account!

+How many points do I have?
-You can check your Moon Points balance by logging into your account.

+How do I redeem points?
-After logging in your account and ready to check out your new Glared jewelry, you can spend your moon points from the Rewards Program tab. You may choose the preferred amount you’d like to deduct from your account. Please note that the moon points are not transferable to cash.

+Can I combine my Moon Points with other promotions?
-You can earn limited Moon Points from transactions with promotions but cannot redeem points on checkout with the other promotions going on.

+What happens to my Moon Points if an item is returned?
-We are very sorry that you didn’t like what you saw! If an item is returned the moon points will be deducted and cannot be used for future purchases.

+Can I transfer my Moon Points to another user?
-Unfortunately, no but you can always get a gift card with your moon points for them to spend on future jewelry purchases on our site!

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