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Lightning Earrings

The Suave Collection


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These simple yet stunning Rose Gold Lightning Earrings aligning with your style gives a minimal finish to your outfit.

  • Made of sterling silver
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  • 15 Day return policy
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  • Jewelry comes with a beautiful branded box and velvet pouch for after use

The Lightning Earrings come in three colors; gold, rose-gold, and silver. It is incredible to see such a thin layer highlighting your hair and face as beautiful as these earrings do. Each Body Earring allows just the right amount of ‘wow’’ factor from your friends. They are not a pair of earrings that you could find easily. The non-mainstream look comes with a twist. Lightly expand the delicate circle part of the earrings to put them on either from the shorter or longer end. With one pair of earrings, you can get two styles. If you put the earring, from the longer end first, it looks like the ends meet up. On the other hand, if the earrings are put from the shorter end, the style changes completely! They are designed in order to fit the thinnest ear holes and the busiest lives. We know how difficult it may be to do the last touches as putting your jewelry on just before leaving. Therefore, the body earrings are designed to be the only one piece for you to forget the fear of losing the back of your earrings. Check out Body, and Parallel earring styles that are within the Suave Collection made with the same thoughts in mind! The trio earrings are made for your ease and style.

The Glared jewelry is durable and requires specific care to ensure durability. The jewelry is made out of sterling silver and gold vermeil, and to avoid tarnish and harm, store them away from sunlight, moisture and heat. Take off your jewelry while using perfumes, cosmetics, dry shampoo, hairspray, soap or lotion. We recommend to put on your jewelry last when dressing and taking it off first when undressing, working out or going to bed. Keep it in the packaging provided to avoid scratches and to use in its original form. Our boxes are made to easily store more than one product to keep all of your gorgeous jewelry as new as possible. If you do not have space to place in the original packaging, use the Glared soft pouch to keep your jewels in the best condition possible!

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